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Lelo Gigi 2 Best-selling Vibrator | Lelo Gigi 2 Top Selling Vibrator

Lelo Gigi 2 Worlds Best G-Spot Vibrator | More On Lelo Gigi 2



The Lelo Gigi is a piece of the Femme & Homme range that has been around since 2005. At the same time, while a bundle of fresher Lelo vibrators were getting their makeovers, the firsts were allowed to sit unbothered, until recently. Gigi and Liv have as of late been updated with innovations and upgrades Lelo clients were requesting. A great many people with even a passing information of sex toys have seen the Gigi and will let you know that is the go-to for a fabulous g-spot vibrator – in fact it is the world’s bestselling vibrator. Is the Gigi 2 the g-spot powerhouse individuals believe it is?

Upon first look Gigi appears to be comparable to some other extravagant sex toys, the silicone is of the flavorfully delicate and smooth mixture that we're accustomed to with all Lelo pleasure products.  The original had creases between the silicone and plastic that were smooth and don't highlight the crevices but with the new improved version this is practically seamless. The Gigi 2 is completely waterproof which is great for a nice relaxing evening in the bath tub.



Dissimilar to the Mona and Ina, there is no major distinction in the configuration of the Gigi 2 versus the first. The main three distinctions are – the vibrating force has been intensified; it is completely waterproof; and it arrives in a totally new color.




Gigi 2 is, and dependably has been, one of the more petite Lelo toys. It is shorter in general length, shorter in insert able length but with less width. Not that the Mona 2 is truly wide, but rather it has some substance to it. Yet, Gigi 2 has that level head which is generally favored in its configuration over the Mona for outside stimulation. Unfortunately, however, the extra power that the Gigi got, while it surely gives off an impression of being double the original that it once was, is not as powerful as the Mona 2 or Ina 2. Mona 2 is recognizably more powerful than the Gigi 2. The Gigi 2 is great for orgasms by massaging the clit on the outsidebut on the inside you have to position it carefully first.


Littler than Mona

Lelo likewise makes another incredible g-spotter called the Lelo Mona 2 and now the Mona Wave and the noticeable distinction is the size. The Gigi 2 has an "insertible length" of 3.7″ while the Mona Wave is insertable to 4.3″. You may think may need a bigger vibrator, then you may need to consider the greater (and more extravagant) Lelo Mona 2 and Mona Wave vibrators here.

You should pick the Lelo Gigi 2 over the first Lelo Gigi in light of the fact that not just is it all the more effective, it is produced using milder silicone and most critical of all – it’s waterproof! Most ladies need to be totally casual to have a climax and also unwinding in the tub.


The Gigi 2 is Perfectly On the ball

For ladies who know the delight they need and how to get it, the world-popular bestselling  GIGI 2 takes G-Spot climaxes to an entire new level. It is an attractive sex toy with a bended and leveled tip to precisely focus on your G-spot, GIGI 2 offers thrilling solo delight, making it a standout amongst the most famous G-spot massagers ever!


Basic Information

  • Eminent Design for Precise Pleasure
  • The leveled tip is perfect for diverting the effective, close quiet vibrations amid G-spot knead
  • Double the Power for Twice the Fun
  • The tip is intended to be flipped over so GIGI 2 turns into a clitoral massager as well
  • The Perfect Curves for Every Body
  • GIGI 2's outline and size is just the right size to enable a G-spot climax for each lady



  • Let your wicked desires abound. Envision teasing and taunting yourself, how great it will feel.



  • Start to investigate yourself, your body, your faculties. Listen to your body, direct your hands.



  • Moderate it down, velocity it up, until your body shakes and your orgasm overpowers you.


Unique Shape

  • LELO's GIGI is renowned for its leveled tip that gives a strengthening G-spot impact, which can likewise be swung to offer extraordinary clitoral incitement. It's TWO vibrators in ONE!


Powerful & Discreet

  • Double the vibrations means double the force for GIGI 2, however it stays whisper calm – significance there's no disturbance when getting a charge out of those private encounters.


8 Adjustable Vibration Modes

  • With LELO items, you can really change the velocity power of any vibration mode, changing in accordance with suit your own taste.


What's in the package?

  • GIGI 2 Personal Massager / Antibacterial Satin Storage Pouch/ Personal Moisturizer Sample/ Charger/ LELO Authenticity Card 1 Year LELO Warranty


10 Year Quality Guarantee


100% Waterproof

  • Submersible to 1 meter, the charging attachment is fixed inside, making it simple to clean and enjoyable to use in any room including your bath room!


100% Rechargeable

  • A more eco-accommodating decision with at least 2 hours ceaseless utilization – with 90 day standby and lockable outline, so no requirement for nonstop charging.


100% Safe & Hygienic

  • GIGI 2 is produced using FDA sanctioned body safe silicone, making it among the smoothest and most hygienic items available.


It's a fact that so many people that have purchased a Lelo sex toy become huge devotees of Lelo vibrators and you can add the Lelo Gigi 2 to that ever increasing list of unquestionable luxury sex toys. Lelo claims that the Gigi 2 is the world's top of the line g-spot vibrator, and there is little to doubt in that statement. The Original Gigi was the most emphatically audited g-spot vibe and the Gigi 2 has had a couple modifications.

This is an extravagance g-spot vibrator with an extraordinarily outlined smoothed head to fortify the g-spot. The vibrations are concentrated in the head yet the pole likewise vibrates while the handle doesn't generally vibrate at all so its agreeable to hold. The Gigi 2 is twice as effective as the first Gigi which might have been, honestly a touch underpowered for a few users. That shouldn't be a dissention here. It is labelled as a g-spot vibrator, however it is additionally an awesome all-around vibe in the event that you need to utilize it as a clitoral or insertable vibrator.


Lelo Gigi2



Goes for up to 4 hours on a 2 hour charge. Alright, so you're not going to use it for anywhere near 4 hours on end however the battery is useful for to 90 days so you don't need to keep it connected to. What's more, nowadays I would never strive for a shoddy battery worked vibrator that needs new batteries right when you require it. Rechargeable is a great way to travel.

Lelo rates this thing at under 50db and that is whisper-calm. You know, discrete. Roomates? Kids? Mother by marriage? Not an issue regardless of the fact that you have paper-slender walls. Can't say that in regards to similar toys like the Hitachi.



The new updated Gigi 2 is waterproof for up to 1 meter which implies it can confidently and safely be used in the bathtub or shower —two of the most loved spots to unwind. Nothing beats lying in the tub and trying different things with the Gigi 2 g-spot vibrator. Orgasms and unwinding go as an inseparable unit and there's no preferred spot for both in the shower.

  • Since it is waterproof, the Gigi 2 is anything but difficult to clean.
  • Flexible Vibration Modes
  • Like all the Lelo vibrators, the Gigi 2 has flexible vibration modes – 8 this time – that incorporates diverse modes and quality. Locate the particular one that works best for you and stick with it.
  • Travel-Safe – Lockable Controls
  • The Lelo Gigi 2 is lockable so you can convey it in a handbag or pack it in your bag without expecting that it will humiliate you at security by giving that dreaded hum. Now it is only my electric toothbrush that can do that. It also comes with a silk carry case so will be discrete even if there is a bag inspection.

Gigi Vibrators


Extraordinary Packaging

Who doesn't care to open wonderful things? This is an extravagant thing and that is the thing that the packaging says as soon as you see it.  For men that are considering purchasing your wife/sweetheart/whoever this vibrator, you can't knock the flawlessly planned bundling. Shouts "class" and will certainly give the bearer more gifts in return.

Lelo takes a great deal of pride in giving  eye catching packaging with all its products. Gigi 2 touches base in their customary manner; slender cardboard sleeve containing some data and a picture of the toy, and a sturdier black box inside that is considerably more discrete. The highest point of the container has the Lelo name on it, yet separated from that nothing really screams out what it contains.

Once the top is expelled from the package, Gigi 2 is in full view, settled inside a silky bed that is intended to fit the toy flawlessly. At the base is a little fold that when lifted up, uncovered the charger, silk pocket, lube test, warranty card, and instruction and guideline booklet. The booklet just gives the most essential data yet does say their guarantee terms and conditions and fundamental accepted use of the Gigi 2 toy.

The included silk pouch makes it superfluous to use the case itself for storage, the pocket closes with a drawstring and is plush to the touch. It has a little tag as an afterthought with the organization name, yet is very tactful all in all.



Incredible High Quality Material – Body-Safe Silicone

This isn't some shabby elastic dildo. The Lelo Gigi 2 is produced using smooth silicone and it just feels like immaculate extravagance. One thing to remember is that you can't use silicone-based lubes with this vibrator. Search for water-based lubricant.

Do not to utilize silicone-based lubes with this one.


Best Kegel Exerciser Out There

I've tried other kegel exercisers before, and this one is in a league of it's own. It's super-efficient and allows me to fit in kegel exercises just before bed. I love that it adjusts the "workout" according to my body too -- how ingenous!

(Mandy) On: 2015-03-18 15:21:00

My new favorite.

Great versatility! I love that I get to work my pelvic floor, and get a massager and vibrator too...that's 3 in 1! The only thing is, I wish it were rechargeable, but it says 1 battery lasts for 200 routines so I guess is not too bad.

Best. Ever.

I gifted this to a friend of mine after a break-up, and I earned huge "friend points". I kept hearing how great it was, that I bought one for myself too...and I understand what she means now. I have never climaxed so intensely before!

Cannot be beat.

The movement is almost better than sex - but will take both, thanks very much. To guarantee climax, cannot be beat.

Gigi is what I always come back to

The Gigi is all-around the best toy on the market. For him and her! It adds great stimulation externally and internally. I own a lot of toys and my Gigi will always be "my old faithful"

This is the shape for me

The shape of the tip is just THE BEST. It's a great fit for me and the silicone feels extremely luxurious. I'm recommending this to all my friends!

Best product post-childbirth

My girlfriends bought this as a gift for me, and it's SAVED MY LIFE. Having just given birth, my body was changing in ways I didn't know to expect. The Luna Beads system has been great, and I've been able to make improvements using the weights and swapping the balls as I need them. THANK YOU LELO!

After 3 kids -- this product helped me the most!

I love the LUNA Beads. They helped after I had my three children so my sex life could get back to what is was before I was pregnant. I am looking at buying a Gigi so we can more fun. Thank you.


OMG. There are TWO motors. Need I say more?

Love the ridges

I like that this is a classic shape with some unique ridges along the shaft. It makes for the most delightful sensations

Multiple orgasms, anyone?

The INA 2 makes me shiver without fail!

So good that it knocks me out!

The ina2 is a absolutely amazing. I used to buy cheap toy after toy until I got it. Now I don't even look at other toys. My bf calls it Mike Tyson because it knocks me out when I use it :)

Made me "moan" for sure!

This was AMAZING. It's a must-have for any woman.

How did I live without this?

Mona I could ever ask for: very powerful vibrations and curved to hit every spot just right. Being rechargeable, it is always ready when I am. How did I ever live without my Mona?!

Super-small and super-strong

This is honestly all I need. It gets me going in no time, and always leaves me satisfied. I love the versatility of the 6 vibration patterns with adjustable speeds -- SO much to play with!

Power in the palm of my hand

The Siri is all I need in my sex life. It's amazing on my own (I've never climaxed so easily!) and it's great with my partner too. We love using it on our erongenous zones!

Incredible feeling

The vibrations of this are so seductive, and the feelings it brings once inside...my eyes are rolling to the back of my head even as I think about it!

The best thing to happen to me

I keep this one close to me. It's my go-to. I love the vibrations and patterns, and it just FEELS so smooth and luxurious all over.

Strong vibes!

I was surprised how powerful this was. I'm impressed!

I take this everywhere!

I love that this is so powerful and rechargeable by USB. It makes it a great option for the woman on-the-go. It also doesn't LOOK like a vibrator, so it often just passes as USB key anyway -- how sneaky!!!

Perfect fit

The shape of this hit me in the exact "ooooooo" spots!

Great control

I love that LELO has really thought of everything. The controls for this were easy to use, making the experience incredibly enjoyableTESTIMONIALS LELO IRIS -

Beautiful and bold.

I was first drawn to this product because of the the beautiful shape and the artistic details on the shaft, but it really is powerful and bold in use too! In one word: amazing!

Feels like a million dollars!

I've had dildos before, but this one was a cut above. The luxurious textures and amazing shape elevate the entire experience


The LILY is so great! I use it on erogenous zones during foreplay too!

The little guy is powerful!

I surrender to the NEA every time! The hard plastic creates the most sensual vibrations for me. Don't be fooled by its size -- the best things come in small packages!

Strong vibe and great shape

It fits snuggly between my legs and allows me to play hands-free!

Naughty that turned nice

This black set is AMAZING. I feel freaky by just looking at them. They are super-comfortable when worn with 1 or 2 beads inside!

Fun and effective!

I bought this not really knowing what to expect, but it's turned out to be mega-fun! I pop them in and go for a jog usually, and my boyfriend has said he's noticed a difference too!


Don't be fooled by the compact size of the LILY, it has incredible power. I have never climaxed so easily before.

Hot hothot

This gave him stronger sensations and I got the better of the stick of that, because his performance was out-of-this-world when wearing this!

Way better than expected

The addition of the TOR 2 really spiced things up for us. We tried other rings before, but this one was the most comfortable for us. Not to mention the vibration settings are AMAZING, and it's just such a beautifully designed product. Thumbs up!

My Ultimate

I have discovered sensations that I never knew I could have before with this product. A + + + (do I have enough plus signs yet?)


This made me go bonkers! I love lovelovelove that I can explore the "come-hither" motion in several angles internally. Good thinking on that one LELO.