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Great Options for the Proper Anal Sex Toys Now

Although the subject is still taboo and there are many prejudices, because some people believe that they are malicious artifacts used by degenerate and promiscuous people or that on the contrary they are the consolation of the old spinsters (hence the word comforter) the truth is that They are a great tool for sexual health. Every time a woman exerts self-satisfaction, she produces hormones of well-being, calms anxiety, cures insomnia, strengthens her immune system and even decreases menstrual pains. And they are an excellent alternative to give a spicy touch to life as a couple.

As you once did, you responded to a fairly conservative aunt: “Normal” people also like to have orgasms.

Anyway, what you came for

If this is the first time you are going to buy a sex toy, you should ask yourself some questions in order to make an appropriate choice to be a good investment that will generate many happy moments, because the idea is to use it with some frequency, and not that the device is stored on the night table or spider webs like the elliptical you bought last year.

What kind of stimulation do you want?

This is a question that you have to ask, and that is not as obvious as it seems, as there are people who use Adult Sex Toys for the ears, navels or feet, since the erogenous zones are not limited only to the genitals, so where there is skin , desire and nerve endings, there will be pleasure. That is why there is a whole universe of toys, obviously the most common for females are those that stimulate the clitoris or the vagina, the most popular being the so-called mixed, also known as double vibrators or “bunnies” that can generate enjoyment in the two areas at a time, with massage and penetration. Also there are anal toys, lubricants, balls, among others, plus the suggestion to start is that you get a vibrating bullet or a clitoris massager.

Is it for you alone or to play with your partner?

Whether you are single or have a partner, it is important that you give yourself time for a vaginal spa. My invitation is that you have an erotic inventory with the best of both worlds, that you buy a dildo or vibrator which allows you to play alone or to include your partner from time to time. And in the case that you have a stable relationship or occasional lovers, there are many pretty fun kits that are available in sex shops, which include oils to heat engines and promote sensuality, costumes, lingerie, handcuffs with stuffed animals, retardant creams, rings, massagers, dildos for couples, among others.

How big do you want it?

In the case of a dildo or vibrator size does matter, and this will depend on the tastes or the situation of each female. For example one of my readers is a college girl who still lives with her parents, so she has a vibrating bullet, which is very discreet because it looks like a lipstick. you have another friend who travels a lot because of her work and her vibrating egg goes unnoticed when they check her suitcase at the airports, (Well, at least she thinks so) and there is another friend who feels happy with her XXL vibrator, which shines in the dark and makes spaceship sounds. In my case you have several sizes and you use them depending on what I’m looking for at that moment.