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Homosexuality these days is no longer a taboo subject and is being accepted by a significant number of people around the world, at the same time that this community continues to grow. Now the homosexual community is fighting for their rights to have equality before the law and society.


Wisdom that helps: Another problem that afflicts homosexuals is the spread of HIV. This, because they do not use protection in their sexual encounters, has led to the fact that between 33.2 and 37.2 million people are infected with this disease, according to UNAIDS data.

  • An important issue of this sector of the population is sex, much has been said that during a time AIDS spread by sex between homosexuals and during the years of 1968 the World Health Organization, qualified homosexuality among mental illnesses, but it was not until 1992 when he was disqualified as a disease.

If you are in these numbers and enjoy a full and active life we leave you a list of things you should know before having your first homosexual relationship. The Gay Cam Boys Sex Show is the best example now.

Do not get up without knowing the basics and take your precautions. This way you will have a more pleasant experience.

  1. It will hurt: everyone is known that homosexuals perform anal sex, well, this cavity is not made specifically for this activity, but serves a function of discarding things that the body does not need, and even thus it has nerve endings that can produce pleasure.
  2. Lubrication: this is something very important since this will help to make penetration easier. In the market there are already different lubricants that cover many needs, such as those that are flavors, odors and help to dilate the anus.
  3. Protection: the anus is a cavity with different bacteria, use the correct protection as the condom will avoid possible infections in you or in your partner.
  4. Hygiene: since everything in sex is heterosexual or homosexual, good hygiene is the key to having the best relationships in the world. This will prevent infections, create more confidence and reflect how much you care about the person you will be with.
  5. Know your body: before having your first homosexual relationship, discover what you really like, self-exploit and share it with your partner. Make clear the rules and try to enjoy it and not suffer it.
  6. Find the indicated: Do not hurry, it is advisable to select very carefully, the how, when, where and with whom. It’s about having the best possible experience, not just doing it for sure.
  7. Active / passive: In a gay relationship there is always a liability and an asset, but likewise in these relationships you do not always have to fulfill a role. Let the game take over both of you and put aside your role.

These points are important for you to take into account before taking that step, we know that your virginity is not a game and we want that moment to be one of the best, we want it to be one of your best experiences and do not regret it.

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