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Gigi 2 Lesbian Strippers

Great Lesbian Strippers and the Perfect Nights With Them Online

Undress me striptease way in front of the person you love is globally on the top 3 stuff you like to do in my privacy, whatever the date of the calendar! When you talk about lesbian striptease, you mean simply: undress in music. From you undermined like every day, to you in pin-up who flakes in a more burlesque register, it is only to choose what speaks to you the most!

Here are some tips if you want to start but you do not know where to start on the occasion of this good old Valentine’s Day.

To succeed in your striptease, listen to yourself

First, keep in mind that you have to do something that looks like you! No need to take glitter and boa if it’s not your cam, to wear a garter belt if you prefer panties, to put heels if you never put.

In short, you understood the idea. Another thing: the striptease stops when you decide. If you want to finish naked, ok, if you want to finish in underwear, ok. You are your own director. If you want to retract in the middle, you can too. You can take the opportunity to spend a nice time in your own company. There will be no death of men. The availability of the Lesbian Strippers is perfect here.

Choosing the right music for his striptease

For a very first striptease, you advise you to choose a music you know at your fingertips. You will know the rhythm, the chorus, the changes, you will be able to even sing a few sentences if it puts you at ease! Songs that are too long or slow are a bit of a joke. You already found me, half of a song being already naked. And it’s long, especially in winter.

Personally you love the cabaret songs like those of Moulin Rouge, Chicago. But any song that puts you in a good sexy atmosphere will do the trick!

Choose the right outfit for his striptease

When you take off your clothes, you have to think of some things. The more there are closing systems (buttons, zip, staples, laces) and layers, the longer it will be. There are also materials and clothes to avoid. Layering layers of synthetic materials, not to find you with hair stuck on the face because of the static electricity that will make you blind, after you will bump into all your furniture, spill the candles, fire your apartment In short, it is horror.

  • The turtleneck, for the same obvious reasons mentioned above. The socks that cut off the flow of blood and leave you a trace of the pattern on your lips (the red ankle)
  • The slim ultra-tight that will force you to sit down to get your feet
  • Shirts, skirts and zip dresses are safe.

I also advise you to put lingerie in which you feel good, you do not have to unsheathe the split panties. Finishing in cute panties and tank top is just as sexy as if you were in a corset. It is to see you take care of you all who are sexy!

Manage the lighting for a successful striptease

A star on stage often does not see his audience since it has: the spots in the mouth. There, unless you want to drop all the objects around you by directing your desk lamp directly in your eyes, do the opposite and sift the bulbs.